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Welcome to Set Free Prayer Ministry! 

Set Free Prayer ministry is a church-based program for teaching people how to pray effectively about their emotions so that they can be set free from grief, anger, shame, addiction and depression and have genuine peace without pills. 

Distinctives of this Ministry

1)  It is not a recovery program but a comprehensive program that addresses all types of emotional problems including grief, anger, shame, addiction, depression, and marital problems

2)  It is not a 12-step program based upon AA principles

3)  It is not based upon any secular theories or techniques

4) It is a biblical, powerful, prayer-based way to help people with their emotional struggles

5) It does not teach that our emotional struggles and compulsive behaviors and addictions are the result of brain disorders or chemical imbalances.

Emergency Response Team

We have trained Set Free Prayer Ministers who have been trained in this ministry who are very effective in helping individuals resolve feelings of grief, anger, shame, and depression through the use of this ministry.  Dr. Gardner is a licensed professional counselor who has been a professional counselor for forty years.  He has found it to be extremely effective in helping individuals who have experienced traumas of all sorts.  In 2010 he traveled to Haiti to help earthquake victims and helped many individuals overcome their traumas through prayer and in October of 2017 he took a team to Las Vegas after the shooting of 59 civilians, and assisted a church there in helping members of their church who were traumatized by the shooting.  He is available to train your church to minister to traumatized individuals, and teach them how to effectively overcome traumas without medications, through prayer.

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Latest book

There is a violence epidemic in our country today and it is growing. Every time another mass shooting occurs, the media and politicians erupt into another volatile debate over the cause of the escalating violence. Some blame it on guns and call for gun control and others blame it on mental health and call for more investment in mental health services. 

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set free basic training

Garland, Texas Basic Training Seminar

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Location: Trinity Life Baptist Church

2030 Rowlett Rd., Garland, TX 75043

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Topics: Overcoming Grief, Anger, and Shame

Cost: None

Registration: Must register in advance

Contact: Susanne at (972) 533-7601

recent  testimony

Synagogue Shooting and Mail Bombs

The violence and mass killings continue to occur in our country and the same underlying emotions of anger and grief are seen in each new case. The week of October 23, 2018 was headlined by reports of mail bombs being mailed to more than a dozen prominent Democrats and liberals, including former President Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and billionaire George Soros. The FBI and local law enforcement officials worked together to identify fingerprints found on the packages as belonging to 54-year-old Cesar Sayoc, Jr., and he was arrested on Friday.

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recent testimony

Set Free from Depression and Shame

A young Christian mother of two children came for help with her depression which she  said she had had for ten years. She had received counseling which did not help and she was taking three psychiatric medications that were not helping either. She and her husband were both Christians but she felt overwhelmed, guilt-ridden, and hopeless. She shared that her family of origin was dysfunctional, her parents fought all the time, and her sister hated her to the point that she wanted to die. She made good grades in school, behaved well, and had plenty of friends but was full of anxiety.


sexual abuse and the church

Studies of women from Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand have indicated that from 20-35% of women have received unwanted sexual attention during childhood, and that these women are more likely to have significant problems with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse. A young woman came for help with her addiction and her sexual abuse. She stated that she was molested at age 2 by a babysitter, which led her to have nightmares all her life, which were continuing. Around age 14 she was molested twice by her stepfather and this led her to become very angry at him. 


family set free from grief

I met with a family to help them deal with some grief they were experiencing. This was a large family and the parents and grandparents were included along with the children. They accepted a foster child into their home who had been abused by her biological mother and her boyfriend. The young girl was handicapped and placed with this family at age 2 after she had been abused. She came to them with two broken legs and both eyes blackened and she was not expected to walk again. They loved her dearly and cared for her for three years and then she was adopted by a relative and died from a seizure. 

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set free meeting times

Forefront Church

10300 Jenny Lind RdFt. Smith, AR

Tuesdays: 6:00-8:00 479-629-0878


Set Free Basic Training and Demo

Date: January 21, 2019, 9:00-3:00 pm

Location: Trinity Life Baptist Church

2030 Rowlett Rd., Garland, TX 75043 Garland, TX.

Contact: Susanne at (972) 533-7601


Set Free Prayer Ministry has a number of resources available.  The three books shown below are available through and there are a variety of pocket-sized booklets available for distribution through this website, as well as teaching videos to help individuals learn how to do this prayer ministry.  To read more about these resources or to order materials click onto the following words.                                                                         LEARN MORE

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Set free promo

This brief video features five individuals who were set free from grief, anger, shame, depression, and anxiety as a result of this prayer ministry.  Copies of this video are available for those who wish to show it to their church or organization.  For more video testimonies click onto the VIDEO tab.  

mission to las vegas

On Sunday, October 1, 2017 58 people were killed and over 500 injured by a gunman shooting automatic weapons from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. 22,000 people were in attendance at a country music concert when the shooting began at about 10:00 pm and everyone began running for shelter.  This was the largest mass killing in the country and it immediately gained national attention.  The entire city was impacted and began displaying signs saying, "Pray for Las Vegas."  

concert attendee receives prayer over his trauma

One of those people was a retired man named Kevin, a member of Valley Bible Fellowship, who was introduced to Dr. Gardner by Associate Pastor, Russell Hoyt.  Keven went with with a friend of his to the concert, and they were sitting on the front row when the shooting began. Kevin recognized the sound of the machine gun and pushed his friend under the stage for shelter and then followed him. Another man who crawled under the stage was shot in the hip and they used their shirts to make a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. They remained under the stage for 12 minutes while the shooting continued, and they watched as unarmed men, women, and children were shot. He witnessed a policeman and a pregnant woman being shot. When the shooting stopped they ran for their lives.

set free prayer ministry team

Jim Gardner, James Gardner, Michelle Miller, and Kaitlyn Miller from Set Free Prayer Ministry felt a burden to go to Las Vegas to help victims with their PTSD.   Jim Gardner called Valley Bible Fellowship in Las Vegas and explained about Set Free Prayer Ministry and his experience with PTSD victims.  Russell shared this with the Head Pastor and the church staff, who examined our website, and then they enthusiastically invited us to come. The First Baptist Church in Heavener, OK provided some funds and a vehicle for them and they drove 19 hours to Las Vegas and then met with pastor Russell Hoyt and his wife at the church.

partnering with local church

Pastor of Outreach, Russell Hoyt, welcomed them to their church where they were privileged to teach a 3 hour seminar on Sunday afternoon, about how to help people overcome PTSD. The pastor stated that 7 of their church members had been killed and 24 wounded in the attack. He introduced Jim Gardner to Kevin, who had trauma from the attack and Jim and James met with him later that evening.  The following morning the pastor delivered a moving message and ended by sharing a true story of a 16-year-old Christian girl who attended the concert and was unharmed, but immediately called all of her friends and told them about Jesus.  During the invitation, over 100 people came forward for prayer and the pastor invited the Set Free team to pray with people. 

Note:  To speak with Pastor Russell Hoyt about the impact of our team call:    702-254-2251

The lord brings peace

When Kevin met with Jim Gardner on Saturday evening he told his story of the attack and admitted that he felt much anger at the shooter, for targeting unarmed people, for causing such trauma in the lives of so many, and for taking the lives of parents from their children. After listing the reasons for his anger, he prayed and asked the Lord to take it from him and it was immediately removed. 

He talked about his survivor’s guilt and believing that he should have done more to save lives, so we prayed about his feelings of shame and asked the Lord what He wanted Kevin to know. The Lord spoke to his heart and told him, “There was nothing more that you could do” and “I’m proud of you.” This took away his feelings of shame and guilt. 

Then he talked about his sadness over the people who were so traumatized and who lost their children or parents. We made a list of the reasons for his sadness and gave them to the Lord, and his sadness disappeared. 

leadership training in prayer ministry

The pastor of the church invited Jim Gardner and his team to come to the church and provide a 3-hour teaching session on how to overcome PTSD  through prayer.  Church staff members were invited and were very receptive to the teaching. and began using the prayer ministry to pray with others while we were still in Las Vegas.  Two weeks later pastor Russell texted Dr. Gardner to say that he and his wife had prayed with five other people in the church and were amazed at how effective it was.  What a joy it was to be received so warmly by these believers and to plant some seeds in their church that will continue to bring healing and hope to the city of Las Vegas. 

To speak with pastor Russell Hoyt of Valley Bible Fellowship church about Set Free Prayer Ministry call 702-254-2251.

pray for las vegas and for our country

Many lives were changed forever during the 12 minutes in which the shooter rained down bullets upon 22,000 unarmed men, women, and children in Las Vegas.  Many of them will have PTSD for the rest of their lives, and many will turn to drugs and alcohol as a result of this day,  but many others made important decisions in their lives to serve the Lord boldly and to not live in fear anymore.  May the Lord use this terrible tragedy to awaken His church to become a mighty army of prayer warriors.  Prepare for the next mass tragedy that occurs in our country, because it will happen again, remembering that the world has no solution for this national crisis.  Only the Lord can  change the lives of people and remove the anger and hatred from their lives.  Join us in showing others how to be set free, indeed!

Note:  If interested in contacting Dr. Jim Gardner regarding our team coming to your church or area, call 918-413-5475.